Maryellen Shuckerow, MHSA –  Executive Director

Prior to taking the reins in August of 2019, Ms. Shuckerow worked for SVDM as a Development Coordinator from 1994-2001.  Most recently, she was the Chief Community Relations Officer for Chrysalis Center, Inc. and the Chrysalis Center Real Estate Corporation as member of the Senior Leadership Team. She has a strong passion for our mission and for the individuals and families that SVDM and the Amazing Grace Food Pantry serve.
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fax: 860.343.0023

Lisa Magee Corvo, Soup Kitchen, Dining & Food Service Manager

860-344-0097 x-18 Main

860-343-0023 Fax

Terri Carbone, Supervising Case Manager – Supported Housing Program

860-347-4059 Main

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Kathleen Kelly, Program Manager – Amazing Grace Food Pantry

860-347-3222 Main

860-347-3222 Fax 860-854-6085

Katie Connell, Supervising Case Manager – Supported Housing Program

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Peter Keast, Director of Marketing & Development

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Zully Torres, Community Assistance Program

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Tanja B. Moriarty, Development Coordinator & Grant Writer

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Jeremiah Rufini, Head Chef and Meals Coordinator

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Diane Cippolini, Housing Case Manager

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David Downs, Housing Case Manager

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Kellie Robbins, Housing Case Manager

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Debra Jimenez, Housing Case Manager

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Dining Room Managers:

Lindsay Carillo

Kathy Burns

Katherine Willson

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860-343-0023           Fax

Kathy Rogers, Weekend Chef

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Jim Waldner, Driver

860-344-0097  Main

Kim Giannetti, Bookkeeper and Accounting

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Amazing Grace Food Pantry Assistants

Kim Kincy

Christine Topolska

860-347-3222   Main

Wanda Carrero, Administrative Asst, & Reception

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